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someone: *says something*
me: breaks into a song with a word they just said

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Hi it’s not cool to lied to everyone about your Spm’s results. Not cool bebeh, not cool!
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if i’ve ever liked you or had a crush on you

you must be pretty special and done something right bc i hate 95% of humanity 

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→ Tumblr's Escapist: We shouldn't always leave it to destiny.


“If it’s meant to be, it will be.”

“If we are for each other, then destiny will find its way..”

“I still believe that we are destined with each other..”

We always say these phrases. These are the things that we are holding on to when we are too tired of doing all those efforts just to obtain the love of our life. We always leave it up to destiny. We always think that destiny will do its work. We have this mindset that all we gotta do is sit back and see what happens next because destiny will do its magic trick and you will have that happy ending that you always wanted, right? But we are all wrong. We are all wrong for just leaving it all to destiny. We are all wrong for just sitting back and waiting on what will happen next in our love life. We are all wrong for letting the destiny do the job that we should be doing. Yes, some things are destined to happen but sometimes, we have to make things happen. 

How can you find the love of your life if you’re not searching? How can the one you love will know you love her if you won’t make her feel such? How can your partner stay with you for a very long time if you won’t fight for her? How can you call yourself a lover if you won’t love at all? How can you expect yourself to have that happy ending or that happily forever after that you always wanted if you won’t work for it? 

Sometimes, we have to be the ones who create our own destiny. We shouldn’t always let the destiny decide what will happen to our life. This is our life and it is our own right to do what we want to to do. We have to strive hard for that happiness-with-the-love-of-our-life that we always dreamed of. We have to work hard for it so that someday we will have it. Yes, if it’s meant to be, it will be. But if it’s not, then do something so it will be worth it.

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